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I have a hard time feeling bad for someone who knows they're not happy with their sex life but still manages to get all the way to the altar. He makes it sound like he had no control over anything that was happening in his life. It's like did he ever really try to fix it?

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Yeah, the more this went on, the more this sounded like horseshit. An ex that he contacted and was wanting to meet for coffee after finding out about the shitstorm he had behind him? Then getting engaged after a year and claiming he was taking it slow?

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I was on a diabetes medicine for about 8 years, gained 120 lbs. It was recalled, and I started to lose some weight. .I asked for and got a referral to a bariatric surgeon. Got a Lap Band. Lost 140 lbs. Feel so much better!

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How your cousin acted was beyond responsible concern. She's lucky she isn't going to get charged for illegally trying to pick up your prescription, regardless of what it was it's still not OK to do this. Your family should be concerned about her behavior and not that you involved the police. So if someone is a family member and harasses you they get a free pass? I hate the "flccc ivermectin" justification. You did what you felt was necessary, she was way out of line.